st. joseph fishing, fishing charter boats, salmon, lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, coho salmon
st. joseph fishing, fishing charter boats, salmon, lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, coho salmon

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South Western Lake Michigan sport fishing in St. Joseph, Michigan for King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead and Lake Trout was great last year.

Our 2014 season in re-cap:

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For the fishing enthusiasts of all ages, beautiful Lake Michigan offers a thrilling experience and memories for a lifetime. For over 32 years, Captain Jim Conder "Big Bird" has dedicated his time fishing the Great Lakes searching out the perfect spots in order to provide exceptional fishing trips.  Captain Jim's dedication to honesty and maintaining the tradition of quality customer service has earned him notable recognition for attention to details.

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WWW.BIGBIRDCHARTERS.COM SHOT FROM LION'S BEACH.  HARD TO TELL, BUT THERE ARE 5 FT. WAVES ROCKING OUT DEEPER. BIG BIRD CHARTERS is back at it again with another fishing report from Lake Michigan, Port of Saint Joseph, MI.  Alot has changed since April's fishing report.  Fishing has kicked in full gear and we are having some great days on the water with our guests.  For those that have joined us, they know how chaotic the moments can be with 2-3 fish on at a time.  Now that we are into the middle of our season, the fishing has had it's "fast bite" days and it's challenges.  The weather has presented unpredictable moments and has reflected on the fishing.  Let's be honest, some days are just straight up tough fishing, but as cliche as it is.."That's why they call it fishing and not catching".  This blog posting is a re-cap of the last month's fishing.  Hope you all enjoy! AFTERNOON TRIP DUE TO ROUGH WATER IN THE A.M. Day 1 with the Greenwood family:  Originally scheduled for the morning, we delayed to the afternoon due to wave conditions.  Not too shabby with 10 in the box with a mixed bag of King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Skamani, and Lake Trout.  This was just an appetizer for the next day of fishing! TORE IT UP! - BIG BIRD CHARTERS Day 2 with the Greenwood family:  With a 6 a.m. dock departure and 7 hours of fishing, we managed to find the mother load.  We fished from 110 foot of water on out to 240 fow.  We covered the entire water column range with baits in place from surface to bottom.  The fish are scattered out and in this case, very plentiful!    ERIN, LISA & MR. TROUT  YEARLY TRADITION WITH THE SABATINOS  6/21/15 The Sabatino/Kanouse family are always a real pleasure to have onboard and we have a blast on the water!  The afternoon fishing was a bit tough, but the good times are always rolling with these folks.  See you all next year!   ERIC AND HIS BIG BAD KING JOE AND HIS BODACIOUS KING 7/11/15 The home town wrecking crew joined us for 2 days of fishing.  To the left and right are Eric and Joe sporting their King Salmon.  The second day of fishing proved to be a box filler of salmon and trout.  The Lake Trout we are catching in mid-summer are big and hearty.  Chuck, included in the group shot below has been a long time friend of "BIG BIRD" for decades.  He's been fishing with Jim from the very beginning starting in the early 80's.  It is always great to see you guys and good to catch up on old times.  Hope to see you all again soon! JOE, ERIC, CHUCK & THEIR MOUND OF HOGS - BIG BIRD CHARTERS   BOB & KEVIN - ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE NEXT BITE! MR. PHIL IN MID-FIGHT   7/12/15  Some good ol' boys that are always looking for the next fish bite.  Looks like your bait money was put to good use fellas and thanks for the morning grub!  Phil(right) had his very first experience of boat fishing and he got broke in right!     JERRY & MARK - GREAT JOB! FAMILY STYLE FISHIN' 7/16/15  It was a real delight to fish with Jerry, Mark, Nicole, Zoey, & Ian.  The fishing was a little tricky this day.  Quite a few other bites that just didn't stick to the hooks.  Regardless, we caught some beauty's and had a blast fishing with this wonderful family.  Later on I joined them for some dinner chow down at Babe's Lounge in Benton Harbor for the Catch & Cook.  Lori at Babe's, does an absolute awesome job at cooking the fresh catch and it really caps off the fishing day and the overall fishing experience! 7/2/15 TRIP CUT SHORT DUE TO ROUGH WATER, BUT THE VILLAREALS STILL GOT THEIR REEL ON! THUMBS UP STEELIE FISHIN! Steelhead/Skamani are an allure to our Lake Michigan fishery.  They put on a heck of a show with their acrobatics and unpredictable movements and speed.  Our Skamani count is down a tad from last year, but we are still getting them.  Recently Steelhead and Skamani were right up close to the pier heads, which creates a "battle zone" of boats and jam packed piers.  Skamani fishing is very popular and draws many for the excitement of the bite! MIXED BAG O' FISH - STEELHEAD, LAKE TROUT & KING SALMON       7/21/15 STARTED OUT WITH 3 FOOT WAVES, BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP THIS CREW.   Thanks to all that follow and support what we do, if it wasn't for you all we wouldn't be able to do what we do!  If anyone has questions about fishing or just wants to drop a line on how fishing is going for them, we would love to hear from you.  Also, for those that may me interested in planning a fishing charter...there are plenty of days left to get in on the action before the season ends.  Fish on and keep it reel! CAPTAIN JIM & CAPTAIN ERIC - BIG BIRD CHARTERS Captain Eric  615-426-2179 Captain Jim  269-470-4149 
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